There are three main gods in Brevoy

The Master of the First Vault is the unifying power in Brevoy, favored of the merchant and tradesman class, as well as those nobles more interested in prosperity through trade and the rule of the law than the iron fist of battle. Temples of Abadar are places of judgement and trade, and the bearers of his golden key are often invested as neutral judges or arbiters.

Our Lord in Iron speaks to the needs and interests of the nobility of Brevoy: strength through force of arms and prowess in battle. The household priests of the great keeps and strongholds of the land are ironclad followers of Gorum, wearing their red tabards and swinging iron censers heavy with pungent incense.

Our Lady of Gentle Repose is the divinity of the common people of Brevoy, more concerned with cultivation, birthing, and harvesting than wealth, and less involved in the outcome of battles than in the repercussions of the corpse-strewn fields they leave behind. Inhabitants of scattered villages are far more acquainted with the local bone-thrower, midwife, and black-clad mortician-monk than they are with the splendid clerics of Abadar or Gorum.


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