Lords of Brevoy

Seven great noble houses dominate the political landscape of Brevoy, most dating back to before the arrival of the Conqueror, when they existed as powerful tribes of barbarians or raiders. Choral appropriated lands and titles to those lords willing to pledge fealty to him, reordering the houses to their modern forms. The past two centuries, coupled with various marriages of alliance, have shifted and expanded the influence of the noble houses, extending well south of the rivers and Lake Reykal.

House Garess
The valleys and lowlands of the Golushkin Mountains are the domain of House Garess. They once had an alliance with the dwarves of the mountains, and became rich of the ores excavated. Lord Howlan eventually one of the dwarven chiefs sons as his ward, although they have recently lost contact with the dwarves. With his own family dead, this dwarf has named him his heir, causing some unrest in the area. Their crest is a snow capped mountain peak with a black hammer across the base of the peak.

House Lebeda

House Lodovka

House Medvyed

House Orlovsky

House Rogarvia

House Surtova

Lords of Brevoy

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