Sample NPC

Dummy NPC to give an example


Sample NPC is a wiry middle-aged man, with stands of gray starting to encroach in his brown, messy hair. His clothes are green and gold, the colors of one of the Sword Lords of Restov, and while they are of fine material they are ill-fitting, suggesting that he is a lower bureaucrat.

He has a difficulty standing still, so when waiting he is often shifting his weight from foot to foot and make sharp, jerky motions with his head as he glances around. As time passes, he may start pacing in short lines, or wringing his hands together.

As he talks, the longer he talks the faster he speaks and the more exaggerated his gestures get, until eventually he starts stumbling over his own words or runs out of air and has to stop. When this happens he glances around, softly chuckles nervously, and resumes only even more frantic than before.


Sample NPC was born a merchant’s son and learned to read and write. However, his nervousness made him terrible at bartering, and he quickly left the family business. Since his handwriting is clean and refined, he was picked up as a clerk for one of the Sword Lords. Other than that, his life has had no importance what-so-ever.

Sample NPC

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