Welcome to the Stolen Lands!

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The forums on Roll20 are good for brief discussion, but not for keeping track of large information. Hence why I created this site to help keep track of everything that goes on in the campaign and provide a place for shared notes between players.

Adventure Log: Go here to get recaps on previous adventures.
Wiki: Background information on the world, people, and areas you are likely to encounter. I will periodically add more to this over time, and you should also have permission to add anything you feel is important. (Let me know if I set this up incorrectly)
Characters: Most important is you create a page for your character. You can use the built in character sheet, but I wasn’t that impressed with it, so it is probably just easier to link to your myth-weaver page. Also here is where I will put up some basic descriptions and images of important NPCs you meet. Similar to the wiki, I’m just going to put up some basic information, if you have additional things to add you should do so.

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